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About Us

The Tri-State Corvette Association was formed in 1985 by a group of Corvette enthusiasts who were involved in Motor Cross and Drag Racing. There were approximately twenty members who met at small hotel on Roosevelt Boulevard in the Philadelphia Area and for a small fee, food was provided for the club members. The Association was originally involved with the NCCC and some of the members were delegates to the NCCC meetings in Harrisburg, PA.

Around 1987, Don Kasner introduced the idea of trips that the members could take together as a caravan. The first trip was to the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Following the success of the Bowling Green trip, members joined many other Association sponsored trips to all points in the U.S. The trips and the social aspect of the Tri-State Corvette Association became more important to the membership and the Association gradually moved away from motor sports. Association sponsored trips continue to be a large part of our organization and currently include single day, overnight, and extended trips that may be one or two weeks.

As well as our trips, the Association holds an annual car show “Corvettes at Peddler's Village” in Lahaska, PA, which started in 1993. The show attracts both Corvette Clubs and individual Corvette owners from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York and can have 120 to 200 participants. It has become a favorite show for many Corvette owners and each entrant has the opportunity to win a custom designed trophy in their class. The first 100 pre-registered participants for the show is presented with a “Participant Award” to commemorate that year’s show.

A portion of the profits from the “Corvettes at Peddler's Village” show go to numerous charities, which have included:

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